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Founded in 2009, Sytech Solutions is a financial information systems and reporting consultancy that has been integral in delivering analysis and reporting solutions to banks and building societies across Great Britain.

With a thorough understanding of both the source information systems, and specific third-party financial software requirements, Sytech Solutions is able to bridge the gap between the data capabilities and the end reporting objectives.

Sytech Solutions can dynamically scale their level of involvement depending on the client’s requirements and in-house capabilities. Whether it be as full solution owners, hybrid delivery-training providers, or purely as specialist advisers. Sytech Solutions offers a number of software options ranging from the fully automated Sytech ConsoliData licence, through to applications written in-house within Microsoft Office 365.


As a preferred implementation partner, Sytech Solutions also works alongside a number of financial software solution providers.


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Data sourcing from core financial systems, locally/cloud hosted relational databases, and other discrete data repositories.



Conversion and aggregation of account, customer, and key financial metadata into relevant structure.



Management of data health check and cleansing activities to ensure data foundation is accurate and reliable.



Automated/scheduled loading of data into third party financial/regulatory, treasury/liquidity and mortgage pool analytical applications.



Cloud or local server-based centralised data storage solutions leveraging off latest technology.



Automated systems via active links or scheduled secure/encrypted data transfer procedures.



Analysis of complex data to determine trends enabling performance forecasting.


Employment of dashboards and other graphical formats for communication of key results.



Through ETL (extract-transform-load) middleware, Sytech Solutions bridges the gap between source data and financial reporting objectives. With an in-depth understanding of both source data extraction challenges and specific third-party financial software data requirements, Sytech Solutions offers two main options:

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Financial Reporting Systems examples:

  • regulatory reporting

  • ALM reporting

  • hedge accounting

  • interest rate risk

  • FOREX risk

  • asset book credit rating

  • FSCS single customer view

  • politically exposed person

Business Intelligence Systems examples:

  • MS Excel Power Query

  • Power BI dashboards

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Leveraging off an automated system is an effective way to reduce overall costs, decrease report delivery time, and improve reporting accuracy.


When evaluating a software solution all impacted areas need to be assessed, including:

  • amount of FTE hours freed up

  • ability to make more profitable funding decisions through automated daily reporting

Another key benefit to automating data supply is the potential to engage software that is already being paid for, but not fully utilised. Software systems such as full-scale relational data warehouses within reporting systems, and Microsoft Office 365 data reporting tools.

The amount of effort and resource to create an automated solution is determined by the complexity of the data sourcing, automation functionality, and reporting requirements. This is particularly the case when building a bespoke in-house solution.

ConsoliData pre-configured licensed version:

  • the licence fee is determined by a base fee for the core processing/automation engine, plus smaller itemised fees for each of the reporting system and module interfaces

  • an obligation-free initial assessment will be performed to determine whether the licensed version is a viable option

  • discounts apply for:

    • smaller institutions and start-ups, reducing costs during the initial growth phase

    • institutions with low product complexity

  • examples of reporting systems and modules:

    • regulatory

      • regulatory reporting (COREP/FINREP)​

      • taxation reporting

      • FSCS SCV

    • risk

      • ALM (stress-testing)

      • treasury (TMS)

    • finance

      • financial ledgers​

      • effective interest rates

      • hedge accounting

    • performance​

      • financial planning​

      • funds transfer pricing

      • business intelligence (ad hoc reporting/dashboarding)

    • asset book credit rating (mortgage backed securities)

Custom-built in-house solution:

  • an estimate of resource days can be provided based on:

    • level of Sytech involvement

    • data source complexity

    • financial product range

    • reporting system interface requirements

    • level of automation

    • development platform (e.g. MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server) 

    • level of Sytech support required post implementation

If you would like to discuss your current reporting environment, and ways Sytech Solutions could automate and streamline your data processing, then feel free to contact us using the form below. 



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