When implementing comprehensive third-party software solutions, such as regulatory reporting and ALM, financial institutions are faced with the challenging prospect of collating financial data from multiple incompatible systems and presenting that data in a specific predefined format.
The Sytech Solutions’ ETL (extract -transform-load) system is an automated solution that is uniquely configured to connect to all your data sources and stream data to reporting systems as often as you need.

Automated ETL system overview

  • Automated SQL Server-based system 

  • Deployed within client’s firewall with no additional external data reliance

  • Connects to all data sources (e.g. core banking, general/nominal ledger, CRM, custom data)

  • Transforms data into all necessary interface files 

  • Scheduled to run as often as required

  • Included in Sytech Solutions ETL annual licence fee:

    • implementation/set up

    • support 

    • future taxonomy changes



  • Implementation

    • No implementation charges 

    • Leverages off consultancy experience delivering automated ETL systems at 10+ retail/private banks, and building societies

    • Shorter implementation timeframe due to extensive implementation experience, established relationship with vendors and pre-configured data processing modules

  • Post system delivery

    • Annual licence fee is only cost to client with no hidden charges 

    • Seamless integration between financial source systems and reporting systems

    • Automated system scheduled to run as often as required, including overnight enabling daily reports to be ready to view at start of day