Leveraging off an automated system is an effective way to reduce overall costs, decrease report delivery time, and improve reporting accuracy. When evaluating the value of a software solution all impacted areas need to be assessed, in particularly the amount of FTE hours that can be freed up, as well the ability to make more profitable funding decisions through daily reporting.

The amount of effort and resource to create an automated solution is determined by the complexity of the data sourcing and the reporting requirements. This is particularly the case when building a bespoke in-house solution.

ConsoliData pre-configured licensed version:

  • the complexity of data sources is not a pricing factor, however an obligation-free initial assessment will be performed to determine whether the licensed version is a viable option

  • the licence fee is determined by a base fee for the core processing/automation engine, plus smaller itemised fees for each of the reporting system and module interfaces

  • for start-ups a tiered pricing model can be applied to reduce costs during the initial growth phase

  • examples of reporting systems and modules:

    • regulatory

      • regulatory reporting (COREP/FINREP)​

      • taxation reporting

      • FSCS SCV

    • risk

      • ALM (stress-testing)

      • treasury (TMS)

    • finance

      • financial ledgers​

      • effective interest rates

      • hedge accounting

    • performance​

      • financial planning​

      • funds transfer pricing

      • business intelligence (ad hoc reporting/dashboarding)

    • asset book credit rating (mortgage backed securities)

Custom-built in-house solution:

  • estimate of resource days can be provided based on:

    • level of Sytech involvement

    • data source complexity

    • reporting system interface requirements

    • level of automation

    • development platform (e.g. MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server) 

    • level of Sytech support required post implementation

If you would like to discuss your current reporting environment, and ways Sytech Solutions could automate and streamline your data processing, then feel free to contact us here